Forms Migration

Although Oracle Forms is still supported - and will be for many more years - everyone is looking for alternatives. Other tools or frameworks to go to, without loosing too much of all the code you already built, and without having to retrain your staff completely.

We at click-click IT Solutions are specialized in Oracle APEX, but we also have a long history in Forms (some of us for more than 10 years). We can help you finding the right solution, depending on your current use of Forms.

simple CRUD forms

Having used Forms for simple data entry and data visualization you'll find Oracle APEX as perfect replacement. Oracle APEX uses a similar approach and similar concepts as Forms did, so your staff will be up to speed in no time. Your end users will get a new application with a fresh and mondern layout, but still similar functionality.

complex Forms with Master-Detail-Relations...

APEX' boundaries are reached, when you try to create complex layouts with multiple tabs, master-detail-relations and multi-record-blocks. Trying to achieve something like that in APEX would mean massive coding time and still a solution with less functionality and comfort as before.

In this case we like to use the FOEX Plugin Framework, which brings all those rich functionality as plugins for Oracle APEX. These plugins enable you to create the most complex screens you can imagine in APEX, still running without any Java Code as regular Website in the browser. This is what we call Rich Internet Applications (RIA).


Both solutions - using regular APEX or APEX+FOEX - are based on our experience and believe in Oracle APEX as a powerful and future proof tool. Existing business logical can be re-used in form of database packages, reducing the necessary migration to the UI presentation. And since Forms and APEX both use PL/SQL, a move for your staff is easy.

When doing a migration/rewrite we also take the chance and modernize and improve the UI, sorting out unnecessary functions and introducing new ones.


Get in touch if you are interested in moving from Forms to APEX