Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications in a business environment are much more than the next crazy birds app. It is about giving your employees better tools to work with and to support their workflow. Giving them access to relevant information on mobile devices whenever they want and wherever they are can be the tip on the scale - in your favor, of course.

Going mobile doesn't mean porting all functions of your desktop application to the mobile one and cram up the tiny smartphone screen, it is about providing relevant information and the needed subset of functionality.

No matter if your desktop application is already using Oracle APEX, as long as your data is inside the Oracle database, you can access it with an APEX Application through your smartphone. Of course you can use all the security features and authorization mechanisms in mobile apps, which you know from desktop ones. For example integration with your LDAP or requiring a VPN access, everything is possible.

In creating mobile APEX applications you are not limited to show simple reports and provide data entry forms, you also can show charts, maps and build even dashboards.

Since those mobile APEX applications are regular websites, you don't need to install anything on your mobile device. A simple browser is enough to access your app, no matter which version or brand your device is.

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