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We aim for best possible knowledge in and around Oracle APEX
to deliver high quality and profund services and solutions.

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Our Oracle APEX Services

  • Training

    Prepare well and succeed with the right training for your team. Because you know how important a solid foundation is.


    Make your business data accessible from everywhere on any device. Get additional productivity from your employees by letting them access important data through a secure web-application on their smarthpone or tablet.

    Forms Migration

    Still sitting on those old Forms applications and don't know where to go from there? We can support you with the knowledge and the technology to start the move to Oracle APEX.

  • Consulting

    Our experienced team guides and consults you in all things around Oracle APEX. Don't waste time trying to figure it out yourself, we are here to help and answer your questions.


    You are about to start a big project and need some experienced help? Don't look any further, we are a team of long time APEX veterans and have dealt with all kind of scenarios already. Besides that we are very well connected in the APEX community worldwide.

    Application Development

    A full service offer. You tell us what you need, we design, prototype, implement, test and install the solution. So that you can focus on your business and let us take care of the "dirty" work.

  • Coaching

    Setting up a new development team isn't easy. Our coach is there for you all the way. Kicking off with a short training, the coach is accompaning the team through development, constantly keeping your team on track and train them on the job.
    This way your success is guaranteed.


    Oracle APEX Applications are based on HTML and CSS like the rest of the web. So why not honoring your application with a good looking design?
    We take care of implementing your CI or any other design of your choice.

    Rich Internet Applications

    Sometimes a business application requires to show everything on a single page and let the user interact with it, scroll through master-details and change everything.
    This is where we reach the boundaries of regular APEX and use the fantastic FOEX Plugin Framework.


Dates for public Meetings, Events and Conferences.
Always a good opporunity to meet and talk.
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18.09.2014 - APEX Meetup

This will be our second APEX Meeting in Vienna. There will be a couple of short talks, starting with the latest news from the APEX Dev-Team about APEX 5.0. After the official part we will be going to a bar close by to enjoy a cool one.

22.09.2014 - APEX 5.0 New Features

This workshop is designed to learn about all the new Features and changes in APEX 5.0, even before it is released. This gives you an important head start and prepares for the soon expected launch of APEX 5.0

18.11.2014 - DOAG Konferenz 2014

From Nov 18 to 20 the Oracle scene in germany gets together in Nuremberg for the yearly DOAG Conference
An important part of the 400 presentations will be Oracle APEX. We're happy to be there and share our experience with the community.

Latest Blogposts (german)

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  • Endlich ist sie da, die Usergroup speziell für Oracle APEX.
    Das erste Treffen wird übrigens bereits am 11.06. in Wien stattfinden.

    APEX Usergroup Vienna/Austria
  • Seit Oracle APEX Version 4.2 ist die Erstellung von mobilen Anwendungen kinderleicht geworden. Dank der Verwendung des mobilen Frameworks jQuery mobile funktionieren diese APEX Anwendungen auf allen modernen Smartphones.

    mobile APEX Anwendungen farblich gestalten
  • In der aktuellen Ausgabe der DOAG News ist auch unser Artikel über Oracle APEX auf mobilen Endgeräten zu lesen.

    Artikel über APEX mobile in DOAG News
  • Peter Raganitsch – Gründer von click-click IT Solutions – ist seit Februar 2013 offiziell ein Oracle ACE Director.

    Peter Raganitsch nun Oracle ACE Director
  • There are many Reporting-Tools to create PDFs out of APEX, like BI Publisher, Jasper Reports, Oracle Reports, BIRT, PL/PDF and many more. Especially in smaller projects you sometimes want to avoid the overhead of having an external reporting tool and would like to create PDFs within the database, but still be able to use a graphical designer. All that can be achieved by using the Open-Source-Tool PL-jrxml2pdf.

    Creating Reports in the database – PL-jrxml2pdf


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